Right at Home

In Grand Re-Style features recycled, repurposed, refinished pieces—but still manages to look fresh

When you want your house to look like Pottery Barn, but you’ve got an Ikea budget, go to In Grand Re-Style.

The five owners manage revolving inventory as pieces get refinished in a warehouse and then sold at this classic home on Grand Avenue. The shop is mostly traditional in style, but there are contemporary details and accents, with winks such as crystal drawer pulls or jaunty bows.

Chests, china cabinets, lamps, and tables ring up at reasonable prices. The home setting makes it easy to consider whether a table would actually fit in your dining room—unlike shopping in a show room.

In Grand Re-Style’s other gem is gently used clothing, which is neat, affordable, and high end. I spotted a Marc Jacobs blazer ($22) and a silk Escada blouse and tank ($35) that were must-haves. In the wrong hands, a shop like this could be junky and chaotic, but in this case it works. Kind of like Pottery Barn.

In Grand Re-Style
957 Grand Ave., St. Paul

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