Rockstar Storytellers

Soloists unite at Phoenix Theater

In this decade, radio broad-and-pod-casts including “This American Life,” “Radiolab,” and “Serial” have skyrocketed in popularity, fueling what’s arguably a storytelling revolution.

Rockstar Storytellers, a variable cohort of Twin Cities solo entertainers, join the cause by collaborating for two nights this weekend at the recently opened Phoenix Theater, in what one founding member Phillip Andrew Bennett Low predicts will be a bit like Garrison Keillor—“with drinking and swearing.” In a live recording with Rooftop Media, the “Rockstars” will be adding original comedy to the online craze.

The performances will feature a dozen local artists between Friday and Saturday night, with autobiographies and approaches amid notorious fringe songwriters, stand-up comedians, and actors taking the stage. Calling it the 7.5-year anniversary, even the displaced members share stage time with videos and recordings they’ve submitted remotely.

Courtney McLean, who leads comedic-folk band The Dirty Curls—the “pioneers of naughty-billy” (for a clearer idea of what that is, see “Hey, Joe Biden,” an erotic love ballad for the VPOTUS)—hosts Saturday’s lineup of mostly-male Rockstars (comedian Ben San Del and founding Rockstar Allegra Lingo among them). McLean will take a pause Friday night to perform her own material as well.

Bringing their A-game with new and existing materials the Rooftop Media taping will boast a strong presence from the Twin Cities’ comedy theater community. And in spirit of radio-style revival, all the material will be up for later listening online.

Rockstar Storytellers: Days of Future Past
Phoenix Theater