Rummage Celebrates Handcrafted Goods from MN Makers

It doesn’t get much more Minnesotan than a good, old-fashioned rummage sale—especially when it’s taking place at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Returning for its second annual edition, Rummage isn’t your typical church rummage sale. Instead of costume jewelry and tschotskes, this two-day event features a handcrafted goods market from more than 100 local and national makers, who will offer exclusive deals during the event, plus craft beer, family-friendly activities, live music, and fair-inspired food.

Vendors include Fjällräven, Sanborn Canoe Co., Minny & Paul, Samantha Longley Clay, Tallisman & Co, Mill City Fineries, MY SISTER, Larissa Loden Jewelry, Martha McQuade’s ScarfShop, J.W. Hulme Co., Namakan Fur, United Goods, Goldfine Jewelry, and more. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the goods that will be available at this weekend’s event.

J.W. Hulme Co.
What’s the story behind the brand? “J.W. Hulme has been handcrafting the finest American-made leather goods for more than a century,” says Alli Beauchamp, Director of Sales & Customer Service for the brand. “With a nod to the past, the products are made for the future—and lifetime guaranteed.” The brand was founded by John Willis Hulme in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1905. Today, each bag is individually handmade by skilled artisans in its St. Paul factory using the finest American leathers selected from small craft tanneries in Minnesota, Maine, Illinois, and Tennessee, which are tanned using old-school dying and finishing techniques to accentuate the full grain, color variances, and natural imperfections of each hide.
Describe your brand’s aesthetic in six words or less: “noticeably understated, heirloom quality, classic style”
What products will you have on hand at Rummage? “We’ll have a wide variety from key fobs, wallets, and handbags, as well as a beautiful luggage piece. We will also have our new leather belts available.”
What’s the price range? $35 for a small leather bear featuring Woolrich Plaid to $1,995 for a rolling luggage bag.
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images Courtesy J.W. Hulme Co.

Namakan Fur
What’s the story behind your brand? “As born and bred Minnesotans, we know that with the right gear, there’s no such thing as too cold,” says co-founder Molly Mogren-Katt. “However, we’re often faced with the choice of looking great and freezing, or staying warm in frumpy gear. Namakan Fur bridges the gap between winter style and comfort, from the head down. Our first product was our original fur ruff—an American-made faux fur ruff that attaches to any hood with a magnetic design, adding a luxe and personal touch to your winter coat. Plus, a fur ruff keeps you warmer by creating an extra buffer between you and the cold.”
Describe your brand’s aesthetic in six words or less: “faux fur for real life.”
What products will you have on hand at Rummage? “We’ll have ruffs in four colors (original, rosie, oxblood and olive); our brand new magnetic puffs—aka poms that can attach to any beanie or hat, t-shirts and onesies, and our beautiful faux fur blankets that are perfect for Netflixin’.”
What’s the price range? “Ruffs are usually $58 a piece, but we’re running a Rummage sale, offering two-for-$100. Poms will be two-for-$22, beanies are $45, and blankets are $98.”
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images Courtesy namakan fur

Minny & Paul
What’s the story behind your brand? “Minny & Paul was founded in 2016 with a vision to elevate gift giving and make it easier to share high-quality local products,” says founder Laura Waldman. “Featuring all Minnesota makers and brands in pre-designed and custom boxes, we aim to make the gifting process thoughtful, easy, charming, and with a taste of home. Our products are sold exclusively online and at pop-up events across the Twin Cities and at our studio space in Northeast Minneapolis (1450 Van Buren St. NE. #211).”
Describe your brand’s aesthetic in six words or less: “local, community, luxury gifting”
What products will you have on hand at Rummage? “We will have all of our pre-designed boxes featured on our website (
What’s the price range? Prices range from $34 to $100 for a box, plus “our event special is a free canvas tote bag with every box purchased and when you buy one box, you get $5 off your second box.”
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Courtesy Minny & Paul

United Goods
What’s the story behind your brand? “My background includes graphic design, illustration, photography, and writing,” says founder and designer Christy Johnson. “For the past seven years, I’ve focused my efforts on creating digital illustrations in handmade frames that I call my ‘State Icons’ series. They celebrate the landmarks, structures, and buildings of the places we call home—both past and present.”
Describe your brand’s aesthetic in six words or less: “clean and commemorative”
What products will you have on hand at Rummage? “We will have our entire collection of 340-plus State Icons representing (so far) 36 states, as well as our candles, zip pouches, pot holders, boxed cards, and larger matted prints. We’ve also got some new State Icon illustrations and our Legendary (First Avenue) candles that we’re excited to show to our fans.”
What’s the price range? $12 to $30, plus “we’ll also have a selection of discounted notecards, postcards, and mini buttons.” 
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images Courtesy united goods

Larissa Loden Jewelry


What’s the story behind your brand? “Many components used are dead stock, made to be sold long ago but missed their chance,” says designer Larissa Loden. “I give these vintage treasures a new opportunity to shine by transforming them into modern, edgy jewelry. I also love to incorporate gemstones into my collections, utilizing both raw and custom cuts in the designs.”
Describe your brand’s aesthetic in five words or less: “vintage meets modern, elegance with an edge”
What products will you have on hand at Rummage? “We will have a wide variety of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. We are excited to be debuting some brand new designs this year, such as our porcupine quill necklace, plus many more which you will need to be there to see.”
What’s the price range? $18 to $78
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images Courtesy larissa loden jewelry

Samantha Longley Clay
What’s the story behind your brand? “I began pursuing a ceramics career out of undergrad in 2012 working from a humble basement studio,” says ceramicist Samantha Longley. “I haven’t stopped creating since. I’m passionate about making beautiful objects and finding them loving homes.” Describe your brand’s aesthetic in six words or less: “simple, elegant, fluid, functional”
What products will you have on hand at Rummage? “This year at Rummage I will be collaborating with woodworking artist Jessica Reno of Felled Woodcrafts. I will also be selling a range of functional work in my unique style including mugs, whiskey cups, bowls and vases.”
What’s the price range? “Prices range from $15 and $65, and collaborations and specialty items will vary.”
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images Courtesy samantha longley clay

Rummage takes place Friday, September 29 from 4 p.m.-10 p.m. and Saturday, September 30 from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. @ West End Market of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, 1839 Dan Patch Ave., St. Paul. Day passes can be purchased online at for $8 in advance or for $10 at the door. Kids under 14 are admitted free. Free parking will be provided in the Midway.