Russell + Hazel

Back-to-fall means a fresh and organized start after a hot and haphazard summer. Think outside the Trapper Keeper with Russell + Hazel’s classic-contemporary collection of patterned binders, sparkly pencils, and slick desk organizers. Founded in 2003 by architect Chris Plantan, the Minneapolis shop excels at turning office supplies into stylish accessories. (1) Acrylic riser, $40. (2) Bird magnet, $16. (3) Rubber bands, $8 for set of 2. (4) Signature Pattern Binder, $24, and Mini Pattern Binder, $16, both shown in “Mixed Medium.” (5) Strass Swarovski Crystal Pencil Collection, $72 for set of 12. 4388 France Ave. S., Mpls., 952-279-1360,