Sally McGraw and Carly Gatzlaff Find Shoe Solutions

Already Pretty & A La Mode experts hold a shoe-tastic workshop

Stumped by stilettos? Worried by wedges? Antagonized by ankle booties? Twin Cities fashion blogger Sally McGraw of Already Pretty and A La Mode wardrobe consultant Carly Gatzlaff have the answer to all your shoe problems in their upcoming workshop, “How Shoes Function Within Your Wardrobe.”

“Women love shoes,” says McGraw, who was featured in our July issue. “But when it comes to more challenging shoe styles, they can’t figure out how it works. They think, I like it on other people, but it just doesn’t work for me.” Through this workshop, McGraw encourages women to pull off the stylish look they want—and she’ll teach them the best way to do it.

During the course of the interactive hour-and-a-half workshop, the two ladies will cover a range of topics including basic figure flattery, heels vs. flats, and all sorts of tips on the latest in trendy (and sometimes tricky) footwear fashion, using examples from their personal collections.

“I hope clients leave with an instant action plan,” says Gatzlaff. “Many people are overwhelmed by fashion and styling, but I know they’ll leave with tons of knowledge that will make it feel simple.”

“We want to demystify shoe choices,” says McGraw. “When you leave, you should feel more empowered to make choices that go with your personal style.”

And where better to apply all that newfound knowledge than right there, at the Mall of America? Happy shopping, shoe lovers.

Sally and Carly’s Fall Fashion Tips:

“Wear what makes you feel good. If you want to look current but don’t want to spend a bunch of money on trendy items, try trendy colors and thrift stores. You’ll look current and contemporary.” –Sally McGraw

“Ankle boots and ankle pants for women are must-haves. Colors are definitely more in the neutral palette; less is more with jewelry and basics. Make sure to play with proportion correctly, as there are tons of wide bottoms and wide tops. Try to always define your waist, or if you have a wide top, pair with a skinny bottom!” –Carly Gatzlaff

“How Shoes Function Within Your Wardrobe” will take place on Sunday, August 24 at the Mall of America’s Executive Events Center.  See for tickets and details.