Second Generation

MartinPatrick3 is reborn—bigger, brighter, and with more clothing—without losing its classic appeal

For years, MartinPatrick3 occupied a tiny space on north First Street, feeling like a speakeasy hideaway where you could have a drink or chat with a pal, and just happen to buy accessories and gifts.

Now, MP3 has moved into bigger digs, designed by owner Greg Walsh, who also runs the adjoining ID Inside Design. The new spot has all the charm and chumminess of the old space—plus lots more.

Regular shoppers will find favorite standbys (Fred Perry, J.W. Hulme) and vintage items, along with Jack Spade bags and polos, Parke & Ronen swim trunks, and tailored goods from D.S. Dundee and Shipley & Halmos. Odin and Etro fragrances give the shop’s apothecary a boost.

MP3 is the rare shop where a person not only wants to buy, but also wants to debate the virtues of gin versus vodka in a martini: Which is classic, which is contemporary? At MP3, it all seems the same to us. Cheers.

212 Third Ave. N., Mpls.