Self, Contained

I’m organized in a to-do list sort of way. It’s satisfying to check things off. I also like to arrange my clothes by season, and then by color. It’s easier to find things that way. In general, I like to keep everything else in my home and office fairly neat and tidy, because mess stresses me out, but I don’t have any systems.

Lately, however, I’ve been especially tempted to overhaul my closets, shelves, and work stations with some fun and functional organizational products. Maybe it’s fall that brings out the nester in me, or the space challenges of my really old house, but most likely it’s my knee-jerk reaction to how stylish these things are:

I knew nothing about Real Simple for Target until I spotted the display in store. It’s another smart partnership for Target, and win for all of us. These actually look event better in person, and are a steal for the quality. The stacking desk storage collection has endless possibilities.

I’m kind of hyperventilating about Ikea’s Antonius system and what it could do for my laundry room – a first on both counts. But first, how great and cheap are these drawer boxes? My friend Kathryn bought a set for the deep dresser drawers in her nursery, and they keep all of those little onesies and socks in place. Imagine what they could do for my piles of opaque tights.

Don’t even get me started on the Container Store. It’s a good thing I can only shop online (i.e. add 23 things to my basket, but never actually check out). That approach won’t work when an actual store opens in Edina in fall 2008.

If I could have just one thing–okay, not counting a California Closets make-over–it would be this Recharge Station from Pottery Barn. I have a mail filer, and a change dish, but the tangle of cell phones and PDAs on my kitchen counter is out of control.

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