Shave and a Haircut

How to polish up a rocker look without losing the edge

Who: Cody McKinney, 32, musician.

The Story: Cody tours and performs live, writes scores for films and ads, and teaches music lessons at American Guitar & Band. It was time to transition Cody’s look from full winter beard to spring shave, and update his look for his non-musical pastimes: dinner dates with his wife and bike trips to Twins games.

Our Stylist’s Take: “This is my version of a suit for Cody—Diesel edge meets The Beatles. This rocked-out version of jeans and a cardigan looks sophisticated without a standard tie. I call this look Breakfast at First Avenue.”

Our Stylist’s Process: “As far as Cody’s hairstyle and beard: I didn’t want to take his edge away, so Chris at Winston’s just tamed his beard down and made it more modern.”

Cody’s Inspirations: “I like the 1960s–style cuts and class of men’s clothes that Daniel Craig and Jon Hamm wear. I also like Keith Richards, who wears those same lines but adds details, like ‘I found this scarf in the gutter’ and ‘I won this hat in a card game.’ I feel I can identify with that.”


Where to get it

The Outfit: Standard Issue cardigan, $68; Civil Unrest shirt, $79; Kasil jeans, $180; JD Fisk shoes, $174; all from Bluepeg, 4946 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-847-4777, 

The Grooming: Haircut and straight-razor shave by Chris at Winston’s Barbershop, 1608 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-822-4323


  • Cody was looking to take a rocker wardrobe to a fashionable finish line.
  • Cody wanted stylish shirts that didn’t feature giant dragons or “that whole Ed Hardy thing.” This checkered button-up is cool without resorting to cliché details.