“She Went to War”

The Telling Project brings four female war veterans to the Guthrie stage

She Went to War

photo courtesy guthrie theater

For all the considerable peaks and achievements of the previous decade at the Guthrie Theater, there was also a growing sense that the Dowling Studio’s mission had become a bit murky. Was it a home for experimental work? A gateway for younger audiences to access live performance? An everything-but-the-kitchen sink home for spare parts and oddities that couldn’t fill the bigger rooms? 

So it’s been a pleasure to see the Level Nine Series focus the black box space on presentations of outside companies, new plays, and impactful work with social underpinnings—and it also doesn’t hurt that all tickets are now nine bucks. 

This month’s She Went to War fits into the mission; it’s a performance by four female war veterans (including one from the Twin Cities) who saw serious combat overseas. This will be the fourth time The Telling Project, which stages veterans shows around the country, will perform in the Twin Cities—giving us a chance to hear the voices of brave individuals and hopefully better understand how their way of looking at the world has been impacted.

She Went to War
March 17 – April 2
Guthrie Theater