Shopping Hot Mama

I’m coming down from a ridiculously fun weekend with two of my girlfriends. One was visiting from London, so we had to go shopping. She can hardly afford a pair of socks with the current exchange rate, let alone real clothes. I took them to 50th and France where we had a field day at Hot Mama. I’m always proud when friends from major cities come to Minnesota and are amazed by the retail offerings. Hot Mama, in particular, always delivers because of the denim selection, the trendy-but-office-friendly clothing styles, and the range of price points. There’s something for everyone, even non-mamas.

My friend Di did all of the damage, but I lived vicariously through her finds:

This pair of Joe’s Wide-leg Provocateur jeans fit her like a dream. Who knew that premium denim came in petite sizes?  Well, it does, and even at 5’8″, I can appreciate what the right length and rise do for my tiny friend. These are also a flattering dark blue wash, and wide in all the right places, which creates this long and lean look.

Joe’s did it again with this white trouser denim jean. Di will have to have them hemmed back in London, but well worth it for a casual, yet crisp, summer pant.

Since Di was wearing flats, the smart ladies at Hot Mama gave her this pair of heels to try on with the long denim.  They were so comfy and looked so refreshing after all of the closed-toe shoes we’ve been wearing, she had to buy them. It didn’t hurt that they are only $45. I found my size online.

Hot Mama opens its fifth Minnesota store this Wednesday, April 16, at 687 Lake St. in Wayzata. Stop by on Saturday, April 19, from 6-9 p.m. for appetizers, drinks, and 15 percent off the entire store!