Shopping Lesson: Vintage Accessories

I spotted this darling little clutch on Etsy the other day and felt an instant shot of inspiration. I emailed my girlfriend to tell her why she should be on the lookout for pieces like this, and she informed me that I should inform EVERYONE of these tips. Silly me! Of course! So here’s a little mini-lesson in vintage shopping and why a rust suede clutch is more versatile than you’d think.

  • This real suede clutch is priced right—$10. You can find accessories at this price or even way less if you hunt around. You can’t beat $10.
  • Oversized clutches are still going to be SO in for fall. Again.
  • This color punches up neutral-palette wardrobes, and still manages to also add pow to colors like pink, yellow, and cobalt blue.
  • Wearing vintage will always garner you a compliment. No one else is likely to have it, so they’ll notice it. Plus, trends come and go, so you can cycle your vintage around and never get sick of it. 
  • This clutch can work with a little black (or brown) dress, or with jeans. Dress it up, dress it down.

See? Just one little accessory can punch up your entire wardrobe. Do you have a piece you love that goes with everything? Have a question you want me to tackle? Let me know!