Shopping Profile: Peek at the Mall of America

New MOA kids’ shop hints at emerging sophistication.

There’s a lot that will draw kids into Peek, the Mall of America’s newest youth store: clothes in fun colors and textures, playful artwork on the walls, and displays low enough to be within a toddler’s reach.

With price points and styles in the same vein as J.Crew’s popular Crewcuts line, Peek makes a point of catering to every kid: From glamour girls to tomboys, from babies to big boys, the variety of looks in the store shows that preschool doesn’t preclude personal style. (That said, those sequined skirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with cheery phrases will appeal to grownup tastes as well.)

It’s all part of the small chain’s tri-pronged plan: promote sophistication using premium fabrics (brocade skirts, down-filled vests), encourage wit by incorporating pieces that are playful yet practical (hoodie-style flannel shirts), and lend the shopping experience a sense of nostalgia (copies of Corduroy and Disney storybooks are scattered throughout the space). Combine that with smart merchandising—items are displayed in collections to facilitate outfit assembly—and a staff happy to spend the day bouncing Super Balls and picking out shower gifts, and you’ve got a debut shop that offers a peek into a clothier’s sure-to-be successful future.

Peek gray "All Together Now" sweater

Clothing courtesy of Peek