Sigma Beauty: You're Only as Good as Your Tools

Producing top-quality brushes and makeup at reasonable prices is Sigma Beauty’s mantra.

One of the first lessons we all learn is we are only as good as our tools. The same is true in my line of work as a hair and make-up artist: as you grow, you become much more selective about the products you use and the tools you bring into your kit. Boy, do I have a few to share with you from Sigma Beauty—you’ll use them over and over for years to come.

The first time I came across Sigma Beauty, Minnesota’s fast-growing beauty company, was actually at their store in the Mall of America. Curious, I entered and immediately noticed the high quality of their brushes—particularly their recent launch of the Kabuki and Precision brushes, both of which have gotten major press attention and have made their way into my kit. When you feel the brushes, you’ll know what I mean. Both blend and apply beautifully, like no other brush I have used.

Another item unique to Sigma Beauty is the Spa Glove, which helps clean and care for your new Kabuki and Precision brushes or any brushes you currently already have. You may have seen it featured on the Today Show or on Allure’s beauty blog. I know, I know—it’s a very strange-looking contraption, but after you see how gently and deeply you will be able to clean your brushes, you will never go back.

Since we are talking about brush care I want to highlight their Dry and Shape System. My family and models will tell you how particular I am about caring for my brushes, and this product is really easy to use and a dream come true for keeping the shape and extending the life of your investment. One of the nice things you will notice about their website is the short video tutorials along side of the some of the products, like this one, to give you an idea of how to best use it.

It turns out February will be a big month for Sigma Beauty—the company is planning the release of the Spa Mat, an innovative, hands-free version of the Spa Glove. And the launch of a new website by the end of the month will truly mark Sigma’s debut as a global company. This year, you can also watch for more products that are high-quality but still affordable.

Minnesota, we are in the best of beauty hands with Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho’s company Sigma Beauty—so when you’re feeling the beauty itch to build your own kit with the best tools, you can keep it local.