Sky-High Hair Aveda Event Tomorrow

I’ve always loved big hair, even when Gwyneth had the flattest of flatironed ‘do. I knew if I waited patiently enough, it would make a comeback. And I’ve ignored the flat-hair trends, mostly, even sporting a beehive for my wedding.

Do you feel the same way? So does Aveda. Stylists have been asking for a firm-hold hairspray from the wizards at the Blaine HQ, and now they’ve got it: Control Force. I wrote about it for our July issue—read about how the spray has a neutral impact on the environment. I’ve been using it and I love the scent, of course, and I do find it holds my hair, which is heavy and thick.

Tomorrow, Aveda salons are celebrating its release with Sky High Hair Day. Book an appointment and let stylists show you how it works. (I’ll be at Juut Gaviidae in the morning getting my own ‘do.) Then, take a photo and upload it to Aveda’s Facebook page. I’ll be posting my own hairdo here. Check back to see what they come up with, and do let me know if you attend!