Slope Side Beauty

I am in Miami this week working and visiting my family.  On Sunday, as I sat on the couch cheering and rooting on the athletes competing in the Olympics, my great niece Vanessa asks;  “what is it about the Olympics?”

What makes me so excited about the Olympics is The thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat…the human drama of athletic competition! I grew up with ABC’s Wide World of Sports and the words and images from the introduction were indelibly etched into my subconscious. Even as a child, I understood the dedication and sacrifice that constituted the “human drama” and I wanted to applaud the effort.

I love cheering people on. I have been known to show up at random spots on the course during the Loppet or Twin Cities Marathon (as well as other events) to cheer on friends and strangers alike. Last week, I was in a hotel room cheering so loudly for Julia Mancuso (USA’s Bronze Medalist in the Super combined), I thought the hotel would send security to my door and ask me to quiet down.

Here’s my favorite part; Julia flies down the hill during her last run—gets to the bottom of the slope, whips off her ski mask, and……“Is she wearing sparkly eye shadow?” YES……yes she is! I love a girl that loves a little sparkle; as a matter of fact her brows are beautiful groomed.

There has been a marked improvement in the quality of hair and makeup in the area of the Olympics, I consider the glam event: Ice Skating. The garish make up of the past has evolved into applications that are both artistic and modern. Applications equivalent to beauty we see on the pages of fashion magazines. Check out Meryl Davis gold medalist of the USA Ice Pairs Ice Dancing or USA’s Gracie Gold. But the Alpine events? The Snow Boarders and Luge? Even there, most of the girls are getting a little glam on.

Is it in this age of social media and selfies, we have realized that it’s important to look good all the time? Or could it be and as I believe, looking your best makes you feel more powerful? Who knows, maybe a little sparkly eye shadow can make you fast enough to win a medal, or at least make you feel like you just did.

By the way, Julia Mancuso also brought her own tiara to the Olympics.

What you need to get the look:

  • A good pair of Tweezerman tweezers.
  • Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette (for light skin tones) Nude Eye Palette (for medium skin tones) to add a little sparkle.
  • And Vincent Longo Original Lip and Cheek Stain in My Sunshine to give you the Medal Winning glow.