Sneak Peek with Horst

I had an out-of-body experience this week. The last time this happened my friends, T & K, were telling me that they were expecting a baby. My limbs went a little limp, my mind went blank, and everything around me seemed to move in slow motion. This time, I am getting a scalp massage. From Horst. As in, Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda. You need not have grown up on $10 haircuts at the Aveda Institute, and Rosemary Mint shampoo (or Blue Malva, if my hair was looking brassy), to know that this man is a pioneer. Aveda was my introduction to plant-based beauty products and holistic treatments. Such concepts are now fairly mainstream, but 20 years ago they were radical.

After he massaged my scalp using a purifying blend of plant oils, Horst shampooed my hair with a super-rich moisturizing shampoo. The treatments were my very surreal sneak peak at Horst’s forthcoming certified-organic, food-based haircare collection. It’s rooted in a belief that if it’s not edible and nutritious, it shouldn’t be put on the body. I can tell you right now that the scalp oil and shampoo smelled good enough to eat, but they also functioned—leaving my hair incredibly healthy and shiny. What really thrills me, however, is knowing that these products are free of toxins, pesticides and insecticides, and artificial preservatives. It’s the next frontier in total well-being.

The new line, which is an extension of Intelligent Nutrients, Horst’s neutraceutical foods and supplement company, will debut in June. Over the next few years, products for skin, baby, pet, and home will also be introduced. I look forward to keeping you posted on when and where to experience these products. Trust me—it will be well worth the wait.