Sock It To Ya

Winter footwear can be a bit monotonous, especially when you live in a part of the country that remains frozen for a good portion of the year. Socks, while often the least exciting accessory, can be an excellent way to add a little spunk to a look. In fact, menswear embraces fun socks with gusto. Even so, I often forget they can be styled a number of different ways.

To shake things up, I pulled together three ways to get creative with your sock drawer:

Double Up
Try adding another layer. I often choose a second pair that contrasts in color or texture, or I’ll opt for two sets that share the same color family for a monotone look. The double layer look works with knee high boots or ankle boots paired with tights. It’s a fantastic way to use socks with interesting details or brightly patterned socks that are a bit too much to be worn on their own. This style is about adding enough contrast to create visual interest, without being too distracting.

Sneak Attack
Try pairing your favorite sneakers with marled socks. My friend Dahlia taught me how to do this over the weekend, and in turn, the wearability of my sneakers just doubled. Dahlia suggested I try white Converse with marled socks, tucked under herringbone harem pants. You can also wear this look over skinny jeans. Be sure to leave them a bit slouched if you’re wearing tight jeans. If you’re wearing a slouchier pant, it’s best to wear them pulled up and tucked under a rolled pant leg to avoid (for lack of a better word)  the “cankle-ly” look.

Thigh High
But tread lightly. We’re not going for the Pretty Woman or prep-school look. The trick is to stay in the same neutral pallette: blacks, charcoals, and grays. I love thigh-high socks worn with loafers or a chunky boot with a barely-there heel. Wear them over tights and a ladylike frock, or pair them with an oversized coat, men’s cable-knit sweater, and wool skirt.

Image One: By Phil Oh | Image Two: By Melissa Oholendt | Image Three: Elle Street Chic