Something Borrowed

A renovated Lula Vintage Wear refreshes the art of old

There’s no Lula behind Lula Vintage Wear. The St. Paul vintage-clothing shop is the brainchild of Hayley Bush, who recently marked the store’s 20th anniversary with a complete renovation. “My grandparents named it,” she explains. “They wanted ‘Hayley,’ but I said no. They nixed 22 names until I said, ‘Lula.’ ”  

Bush expected Lula to be a short-term endeavor, but there’s no stopping the call of quality vintage. Keyword: quality. Bush has built her legendary reputation on stocking her store with impeccable pieces.

She’s currently giddy over lace dresses, flowery hats, swimsuits, and menswear—and the renovation, of course, which transformed the shop from packed attic to airy boutique.

The new space feels almost like a bridal shop, which wouldn’t be a total stretch: ’60s-style shifts flirting shamelessly with disco-infused men’s shirts are as perfect a union as they come.

Lula Vintage Wear
1587 Selby Ave., St. Paul