Sooth your Scruff with Parlour Von Kopp

All-natural beard oil from a Minnesota stylist

Parlour Von Kopp products
photo by tj turner

When he first grew out his bright orange beard three years ago, hairstylist Zachary Kopp discovered an unanticipated side effect. “It itched so much that I wanted to scratch my face off,” he says. After being disappointed with the performance of beard oils on the market, Kopp started researching hair oils and essential oils, mixing them together until he found a combination that worked. 

His Parlour Von Kopp’s Wunder Bart all-natural beard oil contains avocado and argan oils for moisturizing as well as essential oils including bergamot, sandalwood, olibanum (otherwise known as frankincense), and vetiver (a fragrant grass) to give the oil its lightly aromatic, masculine scent. 

Following the success of the beard oil, Kopp along with his wife/business partner, Kara, created a whole line of products: a mustache wax, a beard balm, a hair oil, a texturizing sea-salt hair spray, and most recently, a collection of women’s perfume oils. •