South Central MN Studio ArTour

Local artists showcase their expertly crafted media

A green ceramic jar with a picture of a dog and a cat sitting at a table on the beach having a drink.

photo courtesy of South Central Mn Studio Artour


Artists from three southern Minnesota towns—Farmington, Northfield, and Faribault—showcase capriciously executed, regionally flavored media, including ceramics, paintings, glass work, jewelry, and more. Consider potter Colleen Riley’s vases, washed in Great-Lake blues and sloping patterns echoing cattail parallels. Or painter Mary Malone’s rosy post-impressionist hues working their way into a duck still-life. Or woodworker Reid Hendershot’s smoothed-down reuse of wood sourced from a community compost site and neighbors’ yards—transmogrified into lathe-turned bowls, end tables, and other functional things.