SPF Alert

Ahh, Memorial Day. In my mind, the kickoff to summer, and it looks like this year we’re going to get some super-sunny weather. But when you’re kicking back and relaxing at the family picnic (or wherever you happen to be), remember to wear your sunscreen.

In case you’re not the type to stock up on jumbo containers of Hawaiian Tropic at Target, I found two new products that might appeal.

The first is Tocca’s towelettes. Skip making a mess with chalky, thick sunscreen and just swipe on SPF 30+ broad spectrum coverage. You can always count on Tocca to make a lavish beauty product, and this one is no exception—ingredients include vitamins E and B5 and aloe and marine silk. $28 for an eight-pack, and they’re individually wrapped, so stick a few in your beach bag. Available at Sephora.

The second is Korres Sweet Orange Sprayable Face & Body Emulsion. Fortified with  zinc oxide, it provides an SPF of 25 (I’d suggest applying every two hours).  According to Korres, the flavonoid-rich orange extract accelerates your tan at the same time. $28 @ Sephora.

And, well, if you go too far and get burned, check out Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel. The yoghurt delivers all kinds of healing and cooling goodness to your parched, scorched skin. $24 @ Sephora.