Spring 2015’s Hottest Hair-Color Trend

Don’t you just love our fifth season of the year? It’s brief, but our spring-break season gives us that little jolt we need to get through the last of winter’s icy winds. It reminds us how close we are to the beautiful spring and summer weather we’re so lucky to have here in Minnesota—if we hold on a little longer, we’ll soon be swimming or out on the boat.

No matter where you’re celebrating this season, I know a fabulous way to get your hair ready for spring break and the warm weather to come. Straight from Paris and right to Minnesota, the hottest hair color technique of 2015 is ecaille. The term means “tortoise shell,” or “tortoise-shell technique” in French and eludes to the warm colors and dimension you see when you look at a tortoise-shell comb.

photo courtesy of cop-enhagen

You can think of it as a more sophisticated, natural version of the ombre look we’ve seen in previous years. What is important to consider for the ecaille is that it is an effect created using the right combination of colors to create dimension and depth. A luscious blend of warm browns, ambers, and honey colors for brunettes, and if you’re an olive-skinned brunette, make sure to include a little ash color to give your skin a warm glow. If you are blond, include more honey and golden tones, with tiny highlights blended in. A few lighter pieces beautifully blended and framing the face where the sun would naturally lighten gives that lovely, summery glow.

This is not an easy technique to achieve, so make sure you trust your colorist, and bring a photo in with you (always a good idea when you have a specific look in mind)—you’re well on your way to gorgeous hair.

Wishing you a fabulous and beautiful spring break!

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