Spring Fever

I think spring fever officially set in for me around mid-December. It didn’t help that my husband and I didn’t make our annual homage to The Boulders and Golden Door Spa in Arizona. So to say I’m desperate for sun and warmth (heck, I’d even take humidity), is an understatement.

I did get the closest thing to relief at Macy’s Latin-themed spring flower show, Floranova, and it is spectacular. Take a spin through the first floor of the downtown Minneapolis store and you’ll emerge a different person. Where as last year the floor was kept at a chilly 60 degrees to preserve the plantings, this year it’s a sweet-smelling hothouse of delights. I stood under a lavender wisteria tree, inhaled a dogwood, and skipped around a hill of yellow daffodils. The samba music seemed to uplift the mood of even the salespeople. Maybe Macy’s should play it year-round.

Floranova runs through Sunday, March 30, during regular store hours.