Spring Hair Trends

1. Color

Platinum blond is our big bold trend of the season. Anne Hathaway, Beyonce, and we have all seen Miley Cyrus—all beautifully rocking the look. 

Another strong trend is a departure from highlights and move towards glossy monochromatic colors—bold in your face color that really makes it all about your face and healthy looking hair. I’m thinking sunny blonds ala Gwenyth Paltrow.

We have Ombre’d ourselves to varying degrees now for a few summers, and it is till sticking around for one more round. The modern Ombre is the Sombre’ (soft Ombre’) has lost the hard lines, and matured to have depth at the roots and a gentle fade to lighter tips

2. Style

Fresh from the Spring 2014 runways—Milan, NY, Paris, London—to our someday soon to be crocus and tulip lined MN Spring pathways, here are the latest styles to for your ventures out into warm sunny days.

  • low Ponies
  • old world style braids
  • mermaid waves
  • flowers worn in your hair
  • wind swept updo
  • deep side part
  • natural curly
  • super stick straight

*Can you feel the “How to’s” coming in the weeks to come?  Soo fun!

3. Cut

Here are three cuts that give a little something for everyone…don’t be shy now! These looks are flattering for any age, and if you are itching for a change you can do any of these and feel good. I promise!

PixieI am going to jump right in with this one because it is making a major come back. Potentially a cut that offers the most change for most of us, it is a very pretty face forward look.  There are so many variations to choose from. You can go shaggy, you can go sharp. Customize the cut to suit your personality.  

Lob—i.e the long bob. In case you are not quite ready for the Pixie we have the Lob. Cut right around the tops of the shoulders, it is not too long, and not to short. This look is fabulous with loose waves and volume.

Midi—The above the chest and below the shoulder cut. Refresh yourself with some choppy layers and beachy waves. If you are feeling a little on the Rock and Roll side, go ahead and iron those pretty locks stick straight.

Now you are prepped, and ready to put your best locks forward. You are loaded with all the most current and fabulous info. Pick what you like, and make it work for you. 

Have fun!