Star Struck

When pressed, I couldn’t come up with my favorite song, movie, or even color. But Sex in the City was, is, and always will swear-on-my-Benetint-be my favorite television show. So naturally I perked up at the announcement that Carrie, er, Sarah Jessica Parker was coming to town. But that was really the extent of my gaga. See, while I would gladly invite SJP to a slumber party or out for cosmos, I have no interest in gawking at her. She’s only human.

Of course I still went. And I have never seen anything quite like the mob scene at Macy’s. No one was screaming or crying, but there were more than a few girls in pink tutus. While I was told by a fragrance counter hostesses where the Lovely one was stationed, I couldn’t catch even a glimpse of her Garnier Nutrisse locks. With that, I was off to find a salad.

Over lunch, I got to thinking: if not SJP, then who would actually leave me starstruck? Since I’ve never actually met Bono (if I had, you would know), I’ll go with a real example.

I was at a party the other night and Philip Dorwart was cooking for the crowd. I definitely went a little weak in the knees when we crossed paths in the kitchen. Why? Because I remember him from the late Table of Contents. He had created something super special there, and it was different and better than any other restaurant I recall from growing up in St. Paul. That experience made more of an impression than all of the People magazines I’ve bought at the airport or the hours of Oprah and Grey’s Anatomy I’ve TiVo’d.

When polled, my co-workers reached the same conclusion. Although Andy has a man-crush on George Clooney, it’s Bill Clinton who tops his list (for the record: Eva Mendez is more his type). Kate would kill to meet Anna Wintour of Vogue fame. Courtney admits to going a bit bananas when she spotted U of M president Bob Bruininks driving his Escalade around campus. We all agree that it’s the people who’ve done something, who we admire for more than the way they strut or smoke on-screen, that would be worth waiting in line for. As for SJP, I hope she brings Big next time she comes to town.