Steppin' Out

Lucky for me, the female footwear fetish has resulted in countless styles at affordable prices. If my budget doesn’t allow for the must-have style of stiletto, boot, or sandal, there are plenty of mid-tier options that are just as stylish. For men, it’s more of a challenge. There are plenty of cool, inexpensive options for guys clothing and accessories (Bonobos, Frank and Oak, and Warby Parker, to name a few), but there are not many options when comes to classic footwear.

Nicholas Hurtado, one of the creative minds behind Hassos, had grown tired of the lack of affordable options he had, especially when it came to styles he was looking for. Having worked with leather goods for years, he came up with a solution for the situation. By reducing the middlemen, using in-house design capabilities, advanced technology and smart logistics, he was able to produce high quality, stylish shoes at an incredibly affordable price. That’s when Beckett Simonon was born. They launched with four models that cost $79, for shoes that typically retail for more than $300. Sounds good, right?

So far, the four styles come in a variety of different colors. They plan to introduce some others in the near months, including monk-straps, slippers, and desert boots. If you’re worried about quality, don’t be. They are personally involved in every point of the production process, from crafting the design to sourcing raw materials personally. In their own words, “We decided to have total control over the value supply chain to guarantee flawless quality at such small prices.”

To boot, it’s a really enjoyable online shopping experience that feels upscale without the fussiness. There are no shipping charges or confusing return processes. The first batch of Beckett Simonon ships out Jan 15.