Store Profile: House of 365

A new boutique keeps Wayzata pretty year-round

This year has brought a lot of excitement to downtown Wayzata, with stores and restaurants cropping up along Lake Street as fast as residents can raise the sails on their boats. House of 365, the thoroughfare’s latest retail addition, brings a breath of fresh air to the district with a vibe that’s more eclectic and contemporary than some of the city’s retail mainstays.

Owned by mother-daughter duo Kathy and Annalise Bryan, the shop sells primarily high-end pieces ranging from everyday wear (J Brand denim) to gala-worthy dresses (covered in beading and feathers). It’s a place where bright silk blouses by Diane von Furstenberg bump up against Andrew Marc leather jackets and feminine dresses by Rebecca Taylor, with doses of Kate Spade for good measure. The smattering of merchandise is versatile enough to appeal to the prepster, the glamour girl, or the sophisticate—but Annalise’s careful merchandising in tandem with Kathy’s design elements (from the soft, cream-colored couches to the French prints hanging on the walls) create a space that’s inviting and cohesive.

The shop is split into mini-departments—clothing, fragrance, jewelry, footwear, lingerie, and the like—using an Anthropologie-esque organizational strategy. But the vibe is less bohemian and more sophisticated due to the concrete floors brightened by a huge oriental rug, plenty of fresh flowers, and a glimmering 3-foot chandelier. And the personal touches offered by the Bryan duo are the chapeau atop the ensemble: On-site tailoring and courier service are available for those flitting busily from one fete to the next.

750 E Lake St., Wayzata, • 952-473-2311,

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