StormSister Spatique to Launch Lipstick Line

Local beauty brand collaborates with Elixery for a line of fall lipcolors

What if you could only choose one color of lipstick to wear—what color would it be?

This is the question Becky Sturm asked the 14 women she’s immortalizing in the StormSisters by Spatique debut line of lipsticks launching on her website this Thursday, October 23.

Sturm has been a small business owner and an advocate for clean beauty products for many years. When her favorite line of lipsticks pulled out of US distribution, she didn’t know what to do except buy as many of her favorite color as she could and hope they’d last.

Then she met Karolne Wells, owner and formulation chemist of the artisan cosmetics line The Elixery. “In Karoline’s shade-range of lipsticks, I found a color close to my favorite shade with the bonus of a toxin-free and effective formula,” Sturm says. She had hit the lipstick jackpot. The truth is, when most women find something they love, they want to share—and that’s just what Sturm is doing with this lipstick launch.

When Sturm looked around at the people who really supported her and her business through thick and thin, she realized how many were women—sisters not related by birth, but rather by beauty. “All the women the lipsticks are named after have been extremely generous to me and my StormSister Spatique brand,” she says.  “These 14 StormSisters are the inspiration for each of the shades in the line and have been influential in every step of developing the lipstick collection—from concept and design, to manufacturing and packaging.”

The StormSisters lipsticks are made of the best quality ingredients and live up to Sturm’s high standards for quality and glam factor. The lipsticks are vegan, incredibly hydrating (read: perfect for winter), and offer fantastic pigmentation. Every color is infinitely wearable and, seriously, there isn’t a bad shade in the bunch.

Here’s a breakdown of shades:
Alexis – Classic cool red
Maria – Warm Maple (frost)
Sara – Bright Pink
Mary – Berry Raisin (frost)
Kathy – Raspberry
Helen (named after Becky’s Grandmother) – Pinky Beige (I think Helen was ahead of her time)
Katie – Warm Ruby Red
Becky – Tan Mauve (her signature shade)
Michelle – Frosty Gold (Becky’s sister Michelle is a makeup artist and loves this shade to combine with existing shades to give them new life)
Susan – Rosy Beige
Sairey – Mocha (frost)
Elizabeth – Fleshy Nude
Kristen – Pink Coral
Allison – Sangria (A must-have shade for fall!)

With 14 shades to choose from, all I can say is pucker up!