Style by Design: Tips to Make One Classic Outfit Work for Any Occasion

You just know when you are in a home where a talented interior designer has left their special touches. Somehow everything just has this feeling of being pulled together, making beautiful sense without trying too hard, and the personality of the home owner shines through. When you are there in that home, you seem to really like being there.

When I think of truly stylish people, these same qualities come to mind—they pull everything together, their outfit makes beautiful/ or handsome sense without trying too hard, and their personality shines through. It often seems you really like being around them.

Some of the most stylish people I know happen to be interior designers. Meet Diane Kane, a 25 year interior designer working at Pomegranate in Woodbury. Her passion and talent for design really shines through in her personal style. Diane also possesses intangible confident qualities that take her style to the next level—she is quick to smile and laugh and you immediately have the sense that she really cares about you and your project. No matter how busy she is (she has clients all over Minnesota and nationally), she makes you feel as though you are the most important person when you are with her. Talk about having class and style.

I had the pleasure to meet with her this Tuesday in the Pomegranate showroom, and she shared some invaluable tips to get the most out of one classic outfit—the Black Dress. Work it girls!

Get This Look:

Diane Kane

Diane Kane with Pomegranate. Photo by Shannon Darsow

1. The Dress:

When purchasing your dress, consider the weight of the fabric. Make it something that will work for all our MN seasons. Generally, a flattering fabric for the dress will have some spandex in the material. Another trick that works for all ages, weather, and seasons is a ¾ sleeve. Figure-flattering features to look for: a V-neck gives a lovely elongating effect, and a cinched waist will give pretty definition. A longer hemline, just below the knees, gives a flattering line and sense of appropriateness for any situation and occasion. It can transition easily into a dressier look for evening.

2. The Accessories:

Because of the style of the dress, you can make it suitable for most occasions according to the selection of makeup, jewelry, scarves, handbag, and shoes.

For daytime occasions, Diane recommends using a bold, fun, stylized necklace and large elongated hooped earrings. Drape colorful scarves and coordinate bold lipstick.

For evening, Diane recommends wearing a rhinestone or pearl necklace, smaller sized earrings, and deeper toned makeup.

Diane loves her heels—patent for day, suede for evening.

3. The Make-up

The goal is glowing, even skin, bold lips, definition eyes, and a blush of color. To achieve this, keep the eye make-up pretty and natural and use a nice mascara to give definition and volume to the lashes. During the day, use a bold lipstick and keep a gloss wand handy to easily freshen throughout the day. For evening, use a deeper color to give a little more drama. Use a longwearing foundation as needed, and an oil absorbing mineral based cheek color to give a nice, dewy look.

With these valuable tips, you will be looking and feeling your best in your fabulous go-to dress, accessorized with your personality and personal favorites. Make it stylish and make it you!