Style Counsel

The tables are turned as this counselor takes a bit of fashion advice

Who: Lydia Kabaka, 40, high-school counselor.  

The Story: Lydia recently lost 50 pounds, and she was ready to find clothes that will appropriately show off her new figure.

Our Stylist’s Take: “After losing weight, Lydia was left with a lot of clothes that didn’t fit. She loves color, so I wanted to help her incorporate it into her wardrobe. She works with young adults, so I chose looks that would be school-savvy and could be taken out for the weekend.”

The Inspiration: Lydia’s icon is the fashion-fearless—but also pragmatic—First Lady Michelle Obama. Obama’s taste for classic or preppy clothes with a twist translates to Lydia’s need to look professional, but approachable and stylish, on the job.  

Updating the Classics: An everyday suit does not have to be Plain Jane—bright colors often catapult a look into the fashion-forward category. Lydia’s hourglass figure suits 1950s and ’60s styles, which are available on both vintage racks boutique racks.

The Take-away: “It was really good to have someone see me in a different perspective,” she says. “Details are important, like makeup and shoes and earrings and jewelry. It all plays a part in what your style is.”

Lydia Kabaka

Where to Get it

Hat, $20 @ Marshalls, several metro locations, including City Center, 40 S. Seventh St., Mpls., 612-673-9174, Cropped cable-knit sweater $15 @ Marshall’s. Tahari dress, $248 @ Macy’s, 700 Nicollet Mall, Mpls., 612-375-2200, Ann Lambrecht necklace, $369, BCBG pumps, $40 @ Marshalls.


“My body has changed so much,  I don’t really have a style,” she says.  


Banish simple or conservative blahs with a jolt of energy from color or cool accessories.

Detailed tailoring at the collarbone and waist emphasizes Lydia’s hourglass figure.

Color blocking with sorbet or shocking tones will continue to be oh-so-haute for spring and summer.

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