Style Inspiration: Karlie Kloss

Over the years, we’ve watched Karlie Kloss grow from the bright-eyed 16-year-old on the runway to the woman on the glossy pages of fashion magazines. She’s got the cool collectedness that can only rival 90s-era Kate Moss. She’s also slowly moved her way to the top of my list of style icons, thanks to her shy disposition and casually edgy street style. I like a girl who can wear biker boots without loosing a sense of softness. That’s what Karlie does best.

I was really excited to see Karlie in Mango’s Holiday line. Affordable and versatile, you’ll find an array of gowns, sequined dresses, and tuxedo jackets. Mango did what it does best and included a wide range of casual pieces. Look for boyish trousers, cable-knit sweaters, textured pants, tweed coats, and hardware-adorned bags. There’s enough boyishness embedded in the casual basics to allow for the addition of metallic textures and sky-high heels. To me, this is the perfect way to balance masculine and feminine pieces. You can also expect to find velvet jumpers, little black dresses with transparent accents, an array of jackets, metallic lace, and heavily adorned sequined tops. All perfect for the upcoming holiday season, but with enough wearability to call them transitional pieces. And you can never have enough transitional pieces, if you ask me!

Where Mango really won me over was the lookbook styling. The way Karlie is styled totally gave me the “I want to be that kind of woman” feeling. Karlie’s casual aloofness perfectly compliments both the floor-length gowns and casual looks. A few of the pieces are available for purchase now; the rest will be available in the coming weeks—just in time to spruce up your winter wardrobe. See Karlie in the rest of the looks online. Visit Mango at