Suburban Chic

Could there be a gorgeous fashion and beauty boutique, in the suburbs? Actually, yes. Let’s hope it’s not the last.

As it turns out, Mendota Heights Village might just become a chic shopping destination. Its latest addition, Roe Wolfe, is just that. Makeup artists Romeny Chan and Ashley Kilcher’s weathered-floorboard-deer-antlered  shop is filled with fashion from the likes of Aryn K. and Siwy. Later this winter, higher-end lines such as Winter Kate and House of Harlow are set to arrive, which should inspire excited squealing among fashionistas.

Expect a bit of boho style alongside vintage-inspired pieces, hosiery, heels, and boots. Chan and Kilcher display their expertise too: they carry Becca cosmetics—and offer their services to both brides and everyday clients, plus two fragrance lines.

Due to the pair’s ties to local fashion, they were able to score a specially designed line of  scarves by local knit wünderkind Kevin Kramp. He’s got pieces in Antwerp and Milan—and has never sold retail locally.  Couture in the ’burbs…it is possible, after all.

Roe Wolfe
750 Main St., Ste. 107
Mendota Heights