Summer Street Style: Basilica Block Party

This year’s Basilica Block Party was held on July 10–11. Lifestyle blogger Chelsea Lankford of Truelane attended the rockin’ festival and snapped some shots of stylish Minnesotans getting their groove on. Check out her own festival look on Instagram @truelane.

As a style blogger, I put a lot of thought into an outfit, so I can’t help but notice when others around me are conscious of what they wear and how they dress—especially outside of the clothing industry. Magazine editors, fashion designers, and bloggers aren’t the only ones out there who have a knack for putting together a striking look. I singled out a few favorites at last weekend’s Basilica Block Party, scoping out the scene to see how the Twin Cities interpret festival fashion from a Midwest point of view.

photos by chelsea lankford

Katy Haase, 27, HR for City of Elk River
“I majored in retail merchandising, so I love finding pieces that are out of the box and mixing them with other patterns or simpler pieces.”

Shelby Helton, 24, kindergarten teacher
“I’m really into minimalistic style. My entire closet is neutrals.”

Aleks and Alyssa Katane, 24, nanny
“Lampshades.” – Alyssa’s husband, on what inspires her wardrobe, “Eighties lampshades.” But Alyssa keeps it real. “I have try on like five outfits before I settle on one in the morning.”

Lindsey Hoffman, 21, student at Appalachian State University
“I’m inspired by the seventies, and green is my favorite color!” Her friend added, “Lindsey’s definitely my shopping person.”

Amanda Bunger, 33, corporate relocation specialist
“I get a lot of inspiration from my friends who work in the fashion industry, as well as from blogs and magazines. I’ve always been into fashion!”

Anna Tipka, 16, and Karla Villanueva, 16, students
“Coachella!” Anna responded as soon as I asked where she pulled inspiration for her look. Karla was just as quick to answer: “Kylie Jenner.”

Ben Garrett, 24, musician
“I like a lot of musicians, and I like a lot of vintage. Specifically, let’s say I’m inspired by vintage musicians.”