Summer Street Style: Eaux Claires Festival

This year’s inaugural Eaux Claires Festival was held on July 17–19. Stylist Lisa Marie Gherardini, who redesigns vintage clothing under the label CVSTINGS, attended the fest in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and snapped some shots of stylish festival-goers. Check out her own festival look on Instagram @yes_miss_lisa.

Thanks to Coachella, fashion at music festivals has seemingly crystallized into the ubiquitous hippie vibe characterized by bohemian dresses and floppy hats. As a stylist and overall aesthetic connoisseur, I tend to shy away from trends and am more drawn to an individualistic approach when it comes to dressing. So when asked to cover the street style for the inaugural Eaux Claires Festival this past weekend, I sought out to photograph those who walked to a more intrinsic beat. Eaux Claires, held in the Chippewa River Valley area of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is the newest addition to the summer festival lineup. With a thoughtfully curated fusion of live music, performance, and visual art, the fest churned out quite the eclectic crowd. I asked each of the stylish individuals a few style-related questions. Their answers, some included below, support my belief that we are entering an age of the anti-trend, where individual style, acceptance, and confidence reign supreme.

photos by lisa marie gherardini

Dahlia, 28, Shop Owner, IDUN
“People are more confident in what they love and are growing to know/invest in their own style. Style over fashion. I love that.”

Jen // 38 // Account Executive
“Individuality of expression will be much more accepted universally- as long as you own your look and exude confidence you’ll rock it out no matter what.  Fashion knows no boundaries.  Wear what makes you feel good inside and out.”

Aine // 21 // Yoga Teacher at CorePower
“I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who use fashion to explore them self. I believe that the future of fashion is going to be less black and white… You are seeing more men wearing women’s clothing and visa versa. I hope that we can come to a point in time where everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Leah // 20 // student
“I’d say my style is an eclectic mixture of how I’m feeling that day… I think creativity and style go hand and hand and I feel like my style is my art. It’s how I translate my feelings into clothes.”

Janine //  37 // Interior & Event Designer
“I like to take fashion risks.  I choose to dress in what makes me look and feel the best, versus the latest trend.”

Trevor // 21 // Musician & Model
“I think fashion will become more fluid… Our generation is really tackling transgender and gender identification issues.  A sort of gender bending fashion culture will probably be an eventual product of this.”

Tony // 19 // Cook & Musician
“It’s all thrifted and reconstructed. I call this leather pop”

All photos by Lisa Marie Gherardini

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