Sun Fun

So, I’m back on the mainland after a week in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. And while I was there, I was in full sun, repeatedly dipping in the ocean, the pool, and and the hot tub of the house where we stayed. I know, I know, life is hard….

But there is a little downside: Like a lot of  ladies (and men), I color my hair. And sun, salt, and chlorine really do a number on even the hardiest hairdos—leaving strands feeling dry, stiff, or fragile. 

Then there’s the sunscreen factor. (You are wearing sunscreen every day, right? Right? Good.) I don a floppy hat and wear at least 30 SPF  —usually more—when I’m out on the beach, because I have come to grips with the realization that I will never be a bronze goddess and I don’t need wrinkles early just because I tried in vain to be one.

All of this has made me a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to sun screen and sun products. And I am glad there is something out there to protect hair from the sun and sea: Aveda Sun Care.

I absolutely love the hair and body cleanser—a multitasking formula that makes it perfect for traveling. It contains tamanu oil and organic coconut oil for moisture (always my main concern). And it smells heavenly, with organic essences of neroli, ylang-ylang, and wild-crafted cistus—so I can skip perfume. Then there’s the after-sun masque that conditions.

I think I love the Protective Hair Veil even more—up to 16 hours of UVA/UVB ray protection with a few spritzes, thanks to wintergreen and cinnamon-bark oils. Green tea extract, sunflower seed oil, and Vitamin E provide protection against free radicals. And, thankfully, it also serves as a detangler. I can’t get enough!

I hope all of you are headed out on your own spring break. Please remember to wear sunscreen. And if you’re not headed somewhere sunny, just remember it’s only three weeks until the official start of spring.