T-Swift Comes to U.S. Bank Stadium

With a swath of sold-out concerts, Taylor Swift’s return to music seems to be doing pretty well

Taylor Swift. Courtesy Mert & Marcus.
Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour comes to U.S. Bank Stadium Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

Photo courtesy Mert & Marcus

Last summer I developed a love-hate relationship with Taylor Swift’s brand. I think most people did, though. Having a pre-sale ticket program that prioritizes YouTube plays of her worst song ever (in my humble opinion) and spendy merchandise buys tends to do that. Yet there I was on Dec. 5, cashing in on a cumulative total of about 1,000 views on “Look What You Made Me Do” and other videos and the first CD of hers I didn’t wait a year to get from the library. (There was a lot of streaming music videos on mute those months.) Months later and after a complete refresh of T-Swift albums courtesy of my local library and my six-disc CD player on my car, I am primed and ready for her actual arrival at U.S. Bank Stadium, Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

I’m not going into her concert expecting to be blown away by the musicianship, but I am more than excited to know the set list—and this is the one thing in my life I don’t want any spoilers on. Her past six albums have been an evolution in sound, relationship views and experience, and album composition order, and I want to know how chopping through it all to string together the hits, from “Tim McGraw” to “Delicate,” will come across once you add in the high production value and personal anecdotes.

And concerts, or at least so I’ve gathered, are one of the places where you’ll find Swift at her most open, declarative, and reflecting, especially now when she’s tucked herself away from interviews and ubiquitous paparazzi sightings. For someone who has never been to a T-Swift concert, the idea of 100 percent sincerity is a bit hard to believe just because of the nature of large-venue tours in general. However, if she does connect to her audience of millions—Billboard recently reported that just halfway through her Reputation tour, she smashed the record for highest-grossing U.S. tour by a woman, which she previously held with her 1989 tour—then by all means, let’s add more and more praise to her big reputation.

All I know is that T-Swift’s concert takes out the sting of September’s arrival and I have the best nose-bleed seats that my embarrassing amount of YouTube views could get me.