Tailor Made

Tim+Thom and KatySchmaty make fashion and jewelry that is made to be unmistakably yours.

The new shop You And Me is focused on local fashion and jewelry, but is virtually everything goes: even the vintage and thrifted furniture and fixtures are up for grabs.

Local designers Tim and Thom Navarro (Tim+Thom) and Katy Vereide (KatySchmaty jewelry) partnered together for the 2011 Voltage show and  opened up their shop after realizing the shared desire of having a studio/retail space to create, tailor, and sell their designs.

Currently on offer: Tim+Thom’s bicycle-culture inspired line and loads of KatySchmaty jewelry. Take heart if something isn’t just right: Tim and Thom are standing by to tailor (even pieces you already own) and Katy will tweak her pieces, too. (They also all do custom work.)

Collectors, take note: Katy’s husband, Jim, restores and sells ’60s-era Enid Collins box bags here.

It’s a low-key, highly customized shopping experience—perfect for you and me.

2114B Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls.
612-823-8200, shopyouandme.com