Talking Takeout

Now that I’m a mom, and working full time outside the home, I have come to realize the true definition of time-starved. But we’re rich in love…would be my first response to the time panic. But that doesn’t do squat for when you need a gift for a special gathering, some last-minute necessities (but daycare pickup is at 5 and bedtime is at 8, and those cloth diapers need a spin in the washer…), or some—gasp!—time with friends to just relax and re-connect.

Add to that the committment I have to shopping local. I believe in our shops and boutiques, and in the goodness that comes from putting your money where your mouth is. But I really, truly, sometimes do not have the time to get anywhere.

Add to this that even in my own home, my poor, beleaguered puppies are wondering what kind of reward they are getting—and when it is coming—for being such good boys and watching over me while I was on bedrest, and for being so patient since Ruby has arrived.

I can solve one/two of these problems today. For me, and for you. Are you ready?

The groomers I entrust with my treasured furbabies Ernie and Murray (and where I buy many of their treats and toys) are Gladys Tay and Frank Foo of the organic dog “spaw” Bubbles and Ecouture. I have had such wonderful experiences with them—I rescue dogs and I tend to rescue the ones that need a lot of extra love and help, and they have always been so gentle, kind, and patient with their (and probably my own) quirks. Their recent expansion of retail goodies—beds, toys, leashes, collars, treats, clothing, et cetera—has been so awesome, and now they’re sharing it with the world! Without even having to stop in the shop!

Yesterday, they unveiled TakeOut, a subscription service “catering to hungry + witty dogs” in which they send out monthly installments of USA-sourced, gluten-free treats and ecofriendly toys. You can choose between a “just treats” or a “treats and toys” option, which is delivered in a cute kraft-colored takeout box during the first week of each month.

Those of us who have experienced giving our pets recalled food or treats are especially keen on the idea of having USA-sourced treats that are safe and healthy for pets…no more label scrutinizing and finger-crossing. I can promise they know their stuff when it comes to this! Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will support MN SNAP, a spay/neuter assistance program, and Pet Haven, which rescues dogs and provides spay/neuter procedures to other rescue groups.

So there you have it. Shop local, shop smart, and save time while letting someone do the shopping for you…while still getting that personal touch.