That’s a Wrap

I like shopping for holiday gifts almost as much as I like wrapping them. The real work is done and I can settle in before a fire with a glass of port, surrounded by pretty papers, thick ribbons, and little extras. I like to stick with a color theme each year—silver and gold, green and white—so that everything looks coordinated under the tree. It’s one of the few times of the year my inner Martha Stewart comes out.

Not everyone enjoys this painstaking step in the gift-giving process. If you’d rather eat rafia than tie umpteen boxes with it, consider hiring a professional gift-wrapper. I didn’t know they existed until local stylist/event planner/merchandiser/all-around creative genius Michelle Havens became one this year.  Her services include custom gift wrapping, coordinating tissue, and “a crazy amount of ribbons and embellishments.”  There are a variety of packages and price points, and color schemes to choose from (Black & White or Purple Haze, for example), but in every case you’ll go on your merry way while Havens does the work. She’ll even pick up and return two or more packages so you can stay at home in front of the fireplace with a glass of port.   

For more information, email or call 612-229-6064.