The Art of Retail

If you haven’t been to the Walker Art Center lately (or, if like me, you’ve just been too preoccupied with the potstickers at 20.21 to notice anything else), then you may not be familiar with the Walker Shop. Ever since I stopped by to scope out presents for our holiday gift guide, I’ve been transfixed by the shop’s collection of local and global goods. Sure there are lots of the usual suspects, like books and postcards, but there are also sleek and shiny gadgets, cool stuff for kids, handmade home goods, and lots and lots of jewelry. Now, I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to accessories, but the modern pieces the Walker has curated make me question my dedication to diamonds and pearls.

On Saturday, you can get the full effect at the Walker Shop Jewelry Artist Mart. Nearly a dozen jewelry designers from Minnesota and around the world will be in town to showcase their original works. I’ll be there, too, layering on necklaces from Tia Keobounpheng (pictured)—and getting a head start on my holiday shopping.

Walker Shop Jewelry Artist Mart
Saturday, November 1
10 am – 5 pm
Skyline Room
Free Admission 
Proceeds from purchases benefit the Walker’s artistic and educaitonal programs.