The Blogcademy is Here!

All you style mavens out there have your favorite street-style blogs, home design blogs, Pinterest accounts…and many of you dream of being your own editor, non? I thought so.

Except it can be kind of hard to know how to get started. Or maybe you’ve started, but you’re stuck at the gate. Or maybe you started out strong, but now your enthusiasm is waning.

One of the best ways I rev up my creative engines is to get in a room (or on a patio, with whiskey) with other creatives and give myself permission to relax and brainstorm away. There’s nothing like getting some inside-track info from other experts.

This isn’t always within my purview here at the magazine, but this opportunity is kind of too good to pass up: Some of the most successful bloggers on the planet are holding their blogging conference Blogcademy, right here in Minneapolis, this very weekend—and there are seats left! Gala Darling, Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride, and Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet will be hosting the two-day conference at Public Functionary. They’ll be covering all the biggies, including monetization, and will take a look at YOUR blog, Twitter, etc. and give you custom tips to make your online space stand out. Behind all the big, beautiful, brazen blogs is a lot of strategy, insight, and planning—and there’s no real way to learn that, except from the pros.

Plus, I hear there will be sequins, laughing, and ’80s-tunes dance-offs. I can totally get with that!

I got a quick minute to talk with the headmistresses of the conference—here’s what she had to say:

You have limited dates all over the world. Why Minneapolis?
”‹In addition to hitting the major cities of the world—London, Los Angeles, New York—we wanted to show the Midwest some love too! Gala is a huge fan of the music scene in Minneapolis, and Shauna is really interested in the design community that thrives there. It seemed like a great excuse to visit a new city with a killer reputation!

What’s your impression of what Minneapolis is like—what do you know about the Twin Cities?
”‹We know that the underground hip-hop scene is vibrant and groundbreaking. We know that that Midwestern manners are exemplary! We know that the winters are long and harsh, and everyone appreciates the summer!

What are you hoping to see/do/eat/experience while you’re here?
We want to see Dessa play at First Avenue! We are really nerding out over Russell + Hazel, since we’re obsessed with stationery! We’re excited to walk around the city, take lots of photos, and explore some independent boutiques. All in all, we can’t wait to see what the city has to offer!

Check out Blogcademy’s website for more details and to register.