The Bold and the Beautiful

Spring beauty is basic but bright

I just had a jam session with one of my girl crushes, makeup artist extraordinaire Fatima Olive. I’m a firm believer that every so often, a trip to a trusted makeup artist is necessary. After all, I don’t want to get stuck in a rut. I arrived at our date in my typical “face”: light foundation, shimmery  rose-gold shadow, black liner, mascara,  peach blush, pink lipstick.

It’s always a bit intimidating to have an expert peer at your face, and it made me realize that I could use a reboot. “I’ve been wanting to simplify,” I admitted. “Simplifying is good,” she murmured as she cleaned up my brows.

“Simple” has, for the most part, been anathema to me. I like chaos, layers, clutter: untended gardens, junk shops, knickknacks. In some circles, I’m known for wearing crazy  eyeshadow,  but lately, I’ve been easing out of that.

We discussed the latest trends, especially finished, ladylike looks and natural, minimalist faces, both of which are eminently wearable. In fact, you might actually wear less makeup:  the most important ingredients are beautiful skin and groomed brows. “It’s especially important to give skin a little more attention in the transition from winter to spring,” she said. “Use a foundation that will provide coverage and vibrancy.” (Pro tip: she’s been using Make Up For Ever’s HD line.) She filled my brows with a Sonia Kashuk pencil, which she prefers to shadow, and brow gel. I thought it was for grooming unrulies, but it made my puny brows look full!

A little matte shadow on the lids—she likes Bobbi Brown—although she said with eyeliner, mascara, and perfect skin, you can sometimes skip it. A sweep  of blush and Cover Girl lip balm in Peony was the finishing touch. The balm might be my new favorite—it’s super-moisturizing. My face looked brighter and a leeeetle younger.

AND! You don’t need to reboot your beauty bag to pull it off. Update red lipstick by layering on an un-shimmery fuchsia or coral gloss. (Fatima likes MAC Lipglass in Pink Poodle or Succulent.) If your red is warm, use a cool gloss, or vice versa. The dimension makes it nearly 3-D (no Restylane needed).

Voila! A new spring face, sophisticated and pretty, without a huge lifestyle or beauty-closet overhaul. That’s what the experts can do for me. And you, too. Here we go, fresh-faced, into my favorite season.