The Chic Athlete

There’s always been the adage about “look good, feel good,” but until the past couple of years, it was hard to find functional gym gear that lived up to that first part. Who wants to work out in an oversized tie-dye T-shirt? It doesn’t show off any of the progress you’ve made. Thankfully, fitness companies have figured it out, ramping up both technical aspects of workout clothing and gear, and the actual design. Now we can all sweat in style.

1. Prince tennis racquet, $20 @ Target,
2. Align yoga mat, $28 @ Lululemon Athletica,
3. Falke tank, $60 @ Steele Fitness,
4. Ultimate kettlebell, $25 @ Target
5. Dash tight, $92 @ Lululemon Athletica
6. Dash tank, $52 @ Lululemon Athletica
7. Watch, $36 @ Steele Fitness


Fancy Feet

Just do it: Go check out the new Nike store at the Mall of America. It’s a wonderland of athletic gear, with stations for customizing one-of-a-kind kicks. Here are the latest and greatest from the company that brought us the Air Jordan.

 For those who are tiptoeing into the world of running barefoot. Nike Free Crosstrainer $90
 Runners will love the custom “ride” they get from the shoes; technology corrects pronation. Nike Lunarglide, $100
 Pivot points on the soles will keep you zumba-ing into the night. Dance Huarache, $65 Nike, Mall of America, 952-854-5042