The Eyes Have It

When it comes to beauty, most people long to change at least one thing about their natural state–blue eyes, fuller lips, straight hair. Me, I’d banish my under-eye circles forever. Goodness knows I’ve been trying to for the past 20-some years.

I’d like to think that those deep, dark secrets are the result of my high, chiseled cheekbones. Alas, they are a genetic display of my dilated blood vessels beneath my delicate skin. Oh, and a daily reminder of my sleep deprivation, French-press dependency, and occasional adventures with Patron. It would seem I can’t have it all without looking like I did.

Until now. I’ve been using Avon’s ANEW Alternative Intensive Eye Cream for the past two months and it actually appears to be working. Forget the company’s claim that this product is clinically proven to lighten dark under-eye circles by up to two shades. When my co-worker responded to my enthusiasm with a “But you don’t have dark circles!” I knew the super-rich, lightly-scented cream was doing its thing.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that I’m smitten with my new concealer from Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. The Sensual Skin Enhancer (I know, a bit much) is this sort of all-in-one wonder pot of concealer/highlighter/foundation. The shades are real, the formula is creamy and concentrated, and once dabbed or brushed into place, the stuff doesn’t budge all day. Which means, I can turn my attention to those ever-deepening crow’s feet . . .

Good news: Kevyn Aucoin is available in Minnesota exclusively at Salon Rouge (6 South 13th St., Mpls, 612-374-2201). A little birdie told me that the boys there have also added to their tres chic collection of French beauty products.