The Funniest People in Minnesota

Who’s yukking it up at the first annual Brouhaha Comedy Festival?

Minnesotans are funny. No, really. And not just in a Fargo-look-how-silly-we-talk way. We crack each other up, and for the first time ever, some of the funniest performers in the Twin Cities will come together to do just that in the Brouhaha Comedy Festival, running January 19 to 23 at the Southern Theater.

Who’s involved? Guthrie Theater regulars Sarah Agnew and Jim Lichtscheidl will take the stage together. Kim Richardson and Sara Richardson will perform The Richardson Sisters: The Art of Seduction. And comic performers Genevieve Bennett, David Hanbury, Joanna Harmon, Ally Carey, and the New Theater Group will all come up with new short plays, improvised comic theater, new clown theater, and classic comedy plays.

If you’re unfamiliar with these folks, here’s a sampling of some previous work.

Sara Richardson and Kim Richardson (they aren’t actually sisters, they just play them in, well, plays) had a Fringe Festival hit with their spoof of aerobics.


Jim Lictsheidl cut up the Guthrie with Randy Reyes in the recent comic romp The Two Gentlemen of Verona, aka Two Gents. Here, they crack each other up behind the scenes.


David Hanbury, a Boston transplant, has quickly become a beloved performer at the Bryant-Lake Bowl as Mrs. Smith, an endearing middle-aged cat lover—who’s forever looking for her cat.

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