THE Lash Lady

Ok, I love to share exciting tricks and tips, and love to spread the word when I find someone who is seriously awesome at what they do. On occassion, a little bit of selfishness might pop up and I have second thoughts on sharing because sometimes you want to keep your secret tips just for you. Well, in the case of Tiwanna J, (a.k.a  THE Lash Lady) she is just too good not to share. 

I first saw her work on the job on the eyes of my beautiful friend Dana, who was so kind to share Tiwanna’s info. Having seen lash extensions many times before, and heard plenty of lash application experiences Tiwanna’s work stood out as outstanding, and I wanted to meet her.  I called immediately and set up an appointment for the next week. 

Walking up to her salon, Tangled Beauty Parlour, located at 2524 Nicollette Ave, Tiwanna greeted me with a warm smile, and we talked a bit about how the appointment would go. After her assessment of my current lash length, eye shape and size, and my desired effect I sat back and she went to work. Now, I get a little anxious when anyone is working near my eyes, but in no time I felt I was literally in the most capable, gentle, and talented hands. I could barely feel anything but a feather-like touch every now and then—and with that we chatted away while she worked her magic.

I learned Tiwanna J had worked originally in the corporate world in the banking and mortgage industry, and after a good career realized she had a passion for design and beauty she just had to pursue. She enrolled in school and attended numerous national beauty training seminars. Tiwanna’s strong belief in continuous education found her unexpectedly really loving and having a gift for lash extensions. Word of mouth about her skills has kept her so busy that she recently purchased Tangled Beauty Salon herself and is currently in motion to move into a new space with a new name sometime in July. Look for an update as soon as the new location and grand opening is confirmed. In the meantime, she is still rocking her amazing Lash talents at Tangled.

My experience in her hands was above all my expectations. This is tough as I have been around the beauty block a time or two. Without looking in the mirror and getting comments on how awake and bright my eyes look I cannot even tell I have them on. No pulling or tugging or uncomfortable anything. Tiwanna did give a few tips to care for the lashes and get the most out of them. 

Tiwanna’s Tips

  1. She recommends taking Biotin for stronger, longer lashes.
  2. After getting lash extensions,do not get them wet for 24 hrs while the glue is curing. After that you can swim and shower as normal.
  3. Avoid using anything with oils near the eye area while you have extensions as it will break down the glue.
  4. Gently brush them out with a clean mascara wand at least once a day to keep them looking nice.

I am sure by now you can tell how I feel about my experience with THE Lash Lady Tiawanna. You can book an appointment with her by calling her at 612-314-5340. If you see her, you can have full faith she will take the best care of you, and you will walk away from her chair throwing away your mascara.

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