The Perfect Red

I was captivated by the new Chanel ad campaign featuring the Rouge Coco lipstick and its spokesmodel, Vanessa Paradis. (As if being beautiful isn’t great enough, she’s also married to Johnny Depp, lucky girl.)

Here’s the ad:

So I talked to a Chanel rep and tried three shades: Perlé, Secret, and Gabrielle. When I first twisted up the bullet and found the red Gabrielle, I instantly had a negative reaction. First of all, red is a pain. It’s hard to find the right color for your skin tone. It bleeds, it stains, and every single mistake is totally noticeable. And if you have dry lips, forget it.

But in the interest of experimentation, I tried it.

I loved Gabrielle. It’s the perfect tone and richness. It’s super, super moisturizing. It doesn’t even feel like lipstick. It feels like balm. It has staying power and doesn’t fade all wonky. (And to be honest, I prefer the sophistication of lipstick to the goo-factor of lip gloss.)

I loved all three test shades. It’s my new favorite lipstick, right in time for summer. Get it at your local Chanel counter.

Do you have a favorite red? Do share.