The Place to Be Friday, November 9

If you already have plans for Friday night, cancel them. Trust me, you’re gonna want to be at First Avenue, surrounding yourself with the rootsy, bluegrassy, folksy, bluesy, indie, down-home sounds of Pert Near Sandstone (featured here in our October issue), with Holy Ghost Tent Revival and Farewell Milwaukee.

Pert Near and Farewell Milwaukee hail from Minnesota (HGTR are coming up from Greensboro, North Carolina), and all three bands offer tunes that are seriously danceable—like, kick-off-your-shoes-and-swing-your-partner-to-and-fro danceable. Not in a hokey way. It’s just that the sound coming from these musicians’ instruments, ranging from trombones to banjos to guitars to tambourines, is so pure, so real, that it triggers some primal instinct within audience members to throw off their flannels and boogie down.


Farewell Milwaukee, by Stephanie Bloom                       Pert Near Sandstone

Holy Ghost Tent Revival, by Doug Seymour

If you listen to 89.3 The Current, you’ve likely found yourself car dancing to Pert Near’s “Solid Gone” already, which has had significant airtime as of late. But for those of you who think I’m exaggerating or aren’t convinced, then don’t take my word for it: check out the bands’ websites and tunes below. Then, once you’re done foot stomping and pen tapping along, head to First Avenue’s site to secure yourself a ticket to the show.

We’ll be there, hooting and hollering with the best of ya’ll.

Listen to HGTR’s “Alpha Dogs” here, stream tracks from Farewell Milwaukee on their site (or check out “Always Be Your Man” below), and watch Pert Near Sandstone’s video for “Solid Gone.”

Pert Near Sandstone, with Holy Ghost Tent Revival and Farewell Milwaukee
Friday, November 9
8 p.m.
$16 advance/$18 door