Twin Cities Theater: What to Catch Before Spring

Enriching ways to endure the remaining winter—from the Guthrie, Penumbra, Theater Mu, and other companies
'Man of God' plays at Theater Mu starting Feb. 16 and running through March 6 (left to right: Dexieng Yang; Rich Remedios; in background; Suzie Juul; Janet Scanlon.)
‘Man of God’ plays at Theater Mu starting Feb. 16 and running through March 6 (left to right: Dexieng Yang; Rich Remedios; in background; Suzie Juul; Janet Scanlon.)

Photo by Rich Ryan

Redwood at Jungle Theater (Feb. 5-March 13)

An interracial couple navigates a strange, glaring predicament when Meg discovers Drew’s family owned her relatives in Kentucky before the Civil War. Here to guide them through a dark history rendered startlingly present: a Greek chorus made up of a hip-hop dance class, plus some long-dead ancestors. “Redwood uses humor and heart to remind us that our histories and our traumas are present with us,” director H. Adam Harris said in a press release.

Bina’s Six Apples at Children’s Theatre Company (through Feb. 13)

In this world premiere, war forcibly removes Bina from her home in Korea, where her family grew the nation’s best apples. Now, she has to search for her family using the six apples she has left, beset by poignant and amusing challenges. (This performance is a co-production with the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta and recommended for ages 9 and up.)

Man of God at Theater Mu (Feb. 16-March 6)

In a blood-boiling moment of disillusionment, members of a Korean Christian girls’ youth group realize that their pastor has hidden a camera in their hotel bathroom while they’re in Bangkok. Using this setup, playwright Anna Ouyang Moench examines “that moment when girls recognize the male gaze and decide they’re definitely gonna do something about it.” (Content warning: dramatized fighting, references to sexual abuse, eating disorders, drug use, and paedophilia)

The Tempest at Guthrie Theater (Feb. 26-April 16)

A “heartfelt and hopeful” production of Shakespeare’s strangest play comes to the Guthrie, directed by former artistic director Joe Dowling, who returns for the first time since 2015. In the traditionally male role of Prospero, Dowling has cast a female lead. (A production of A Raisin in the Sun, originally slated to open at the Guthrie in January, was postponed following positive COVID-19 cases among vaccinated company members.)

Something Happened in Our Town at Children’s Theatre Company (Feb. 27-March 27)

Another Children’s Theatre Company world premiere, based on a book by the same name, follows a pair of young people, Josh and Emma, as they strive to comprehend the local killing of a Black man by a white police officer. The show aims to expand families’ points of reference for grappling with different life experiences. (Recommended for ages 7 and up.)

Thurgood at Penumbra (March 8-27)

Penumbra Theatre founder Lou Bellamy directs this one-man play following the life of the first Black justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall.

Anamnesis by the Moving Company at the Southern Theater (through Feb. 6)

In a whirlwind of scenes, this play stages “bits and pieces from a supposed previous existence” for a show that takes you on an emotional journey.


Plus, musicals and musical offerings:

Footloose at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres (Feb. 4-Sept. 24)

Jersey Boys (Feb. 3-5) andPretty Woman: The Musical (Feb. 22-27) at Orpheum Theatre

The Stephen Sondheim Songbook (Feb. 5 and 6), An Evening with Ella and Harold (Feb. 10-27) at Lakeshore Players Theatre

Fearless Five: Music at Mounds Theatre (Feb. 11-26)

La Bohème at Theater Latté Da (through Feb. 27)

Celebrating Sondheim at Crooners’ Supper Club with Theater Latté Da (March 4-5; 6-7)