Theater Review Roundup

Thoughts on three big shows running through August: Mamma Mia!, West Side Story, and The Legend of Georgia McBride

A boy and girl sitting on a couch in a production of The Legend of Georgia McBride.
The Legend of Georgia McBride

photo by Dan Norman

Mamma Mia!

Through August 5

“With unparalleled comedic timing and a dash of cabaret sass, our hometown Bette Midler—yes, I’ll say it—was made to play gal pal Rosie.” Read more.

West Side Story

Through August 26

“In Christopher Acebo’s set, the Statue of Liberty is upside down, and in this moment, it is looking down at her through the confining and shadowed jail bars of the city with impassive, stone eyes.” Read more.

The Legend of Georgia McBride

Through August 26

“If this play gets three things across, it’s that everybody knows these songs, drag is plain-old entertaining, and it’s your hang-ups that are ridiculous.” Read more.